Frequently Asked Questions

No.  The UPass program is suspended until April 30, 2021.  Students enrolled in Winter term classes will not be charged UPass fees, as these services will not be available.

No. Your Unicard does not need to be replaced unless it has been lost or damaged and will remain active as long as you have a relationship with the university.

Yes, a $20 fee applies to all replacement Unicards. If you have lost your UPass there is a separate replacement fee for that sticker.

For reasons regarding fraud and security, if you replace your Unicard, you may not keep your old Unicard.

Yes, if you have money in any of the debit accounts, the money transfers over to the new Unicard.

Yes, your access will be transferred to your new Unicard after the new card is issued.  This can take 2-3 business days.  If there is an issue with your access transfer we recommend speaking with Electronic Access at Campus Security (MSC 260)

Money can be added to your Unicard and your account balances can be checked either online, at the Unicard office or at a deposit station located in MacEwan Hall, the TFDL or on Foothills campus near purEATery.

The Lost and Found is located at the Information Booth between the two elevators on the 2nd floor in the MacEwan Student Centre. If they are closed, you may check with the Students' Union across the hall as they operate the Information Booth.

Send us an email with your UCID number, stating you have lost your Unicard. Use "lost my card" as the subject line. Your Unicard will be put on hold until you come in and get a replacement or you find your old one. If you purchase a replacement Unicard, all old Unicards will become completely deactivated. Deactivated Unicards cannot be reactivated if found.

No. Once a new Unicard has been created, all old Unicards are automatically and irrevocably deactivated.

The "All You Care to Eat" meal plan program is valid in The Landing, the primary dining facility within residence. Four options are available including a 5-day plan, a 7-day plan, a 120 entries plan, and a 250 entries plan, to provide flexibility based on individual student needs. All four plans provide an “All You Care to Eat” dining experience. 

  • A 5-day or 7-day plan is mandatory for all first year students living in residence. 
  • 5-day or 7-day plans include Food Funds that can be used at most retail locations on campus, including all retail food locations in the MacEwan Student Center (Mac Hall).  
  • The 7-day plan provides the greatest flexibility with unlimited entries, seven days a week, along with Food Funds that can be used at many campus food locations.
  • Students that are travelling home on weekends may find the 5 day option preferable with unlimited entries Monday through Friday, along with $300 (for the academic year) in Food Funds that can be used at many campus food locations, or on occasional weekends when students stay in residence.

The 5-day plan is tailored to students who are often off-campus on weekends, and can only be used Monday through Friday. Food Funds are available for occasional weekends when students are in residence and can be used as entry at the applicable door rate.

Any Food Funds, as well as remaining swipes on the 120 and 250 swipes plan carry over from the fall to the winter semester. With the "All You Care to Eat" portion of the 5-day and 7-day plans, and the 120 and 250 swipes plan, there is no roll-over at the end of academic year. Unused Food Funds never expire and are always available through your Unicard.

Swipes can be for any breakfast, lunch, or dinner at The Landing. Students have the flexibility to use their swipes throughout the academic year for entries that best meet their needs.

With an "All You Care to Eat" plan there is no removal of food from The Landing. Similar to a buffet or all you can eat restaurant, all food is consumed on site. Portions tend to be smaller but you can have as much as you want when you are in The Landing, making for fewer ‘leftovers’ and less waste.

Students that are not able to make it back to The Landing for a meal may pre-order a meal to go and pick it up at a designated location. Students also have the option of using Food Funds at most retail food locations on campus.

Yes, students will have options to choose from including a dedicated vegan and vegetarian station. Food labelling are available and include dairy, gluten-free, vegan, halal, etc. Students with specific concerns are also invited to meet with the culinary team to discuss their dietary requirements and available options while eating at The Landing. Contact

Meal plans are used at The Landing. Food Funds can be used at most retail food locations on campus, including all retail food locations in the MacEwan Student Centre (Mac Hall). Students can add additional Food Funds to their account at any time throughout the year.

Yes, anyone with a Unicard can purchase a 120 or 250 swipe meal plan including students living in apartments, commuter students as well as faculty and staff.  The 5- and 7-day meal plans are available to full time students only.

Health Science students can be accommodated with pre-ordered meals to go. Alternatively, Food Funds can also be used at purEATery located at the Foothills Campus.

Absolutely, everyone is welcome at The Landing. Students on a 120 or 250 swipe plan: multiple entries can be used for friends or visitors for entry. Door rates for guests will vary based on the time of day.