Online Photo Submission

Send Us Your Selfie

Avoid the line by sending us your selfie. Complete the form below and submit your photo. We'll print your Unicard and email you when it's ready for pickup. Online photo submissions are processed within three business days. One piece of government issued photo ID (e.g. driver's license or passport) is required when you pickup your Unicard.

Guidelines for Submitting Your Photo Online

Your Unicard is an important piece of identification. Your photo must follow the specifications below. Photos that do not meet these specifications will not be accepted.

If you are taking your photo yourself with a smartphone, tablet, or webcam, make sure you are looking directly at your camera lens, and not at the image of your face on the screen.

Need help formatting your picture? Try using Pixlr. (This is an external site – the University of Calgary is not responsible for content or privacy of uploads.)

Unicard Photos - Acceptable vs. Unacceptable

Your Picture Must:

  • have been taken in the past six months
  • be suitable for official identification
  • have your face square to the camera, with shoulders showing
  • show you looking directly at the camera lens
  • be in colour
  • have a plain white background
  • be in JPEG or PNG format (a smartphone photo is fine)
  • have space between the top of your head and the top of your photo.

Your Picture Cannot:

  • contain hats, sunglasses, or graduation caps
  • have inappropriate expressions
  • have anyone other than yourself visible
  • be cropped too close (e.g. cutting off the top of your head)
  • have any special effects or colouring – no filters
  • have background elements (e.g., shadows, trees, open rooms)
  • have glare on prescription glasses.

Online Photo Submission